Tiger Populations on the Rise!

Let's see those numbers, India! Last week the new tiger census was released and wow, was it wonderful news! India has reported that it now has a Bengal tiger population of.....wait for it...... 2,226 Bengal tigers!!!!   This is up 30% from the census of 2011, reporting only 1,706 Bengal tigers. Here is the article that has … [Read More...]

Photo by Gary Hamburgh

White Bengal tiger = Controversial or Natural?

All my career I have heard and listened to both sides of the white Bengal tiger controversy. There is one thing that I feel everyone should know, and this is typically not revealed or shared on a lot of animal rights websites. Why, you may ask? Well, simply put, it is so people will donate to their cause. It is a marketing strategy … [Read More...]

WILD release in Russia!

This video is of a young female Amur (aka Siberian) tiger who was found in the wild, rehabed then released back into the wild. Her mother was most likely poached :( The great news is that this female is back in the wild and is healthy. The video gave me chills as I watched this amazing female launch back into the woods and race … [Read More...]

Slo-mo Taj!!

Happy video post!! This video was taken years ago but is still a lot of fun to watch. It features Taj, a golden Bengal tiger, enjoying a toy and some bamboo enrichment. Almos, a white Bengal tiger, also makes a few appearances in the video. Special shout out to RockFowl Studios for creating such a wonderful piece to … [Read More...]


I’m back from playing :)

Sorry for the lack of posts and cricket noises of late. I have been crazy busy getting my zoo and wildlife consulting work organized. My sincere apologies for being quiet for so long..... But now, I am back! Let us commence with what is new in the world of wild tigers. ROAR! I recently came across a few interesting articles … [Read More...]