Holy Diving Tiger, Batman!!

I saw this article and HAD to share it with you!! It illustrates how much tigers love water but also how courageous they are. The photos accompanying the article are astounding which is the main reason why I am posting it here. The facility where the photos were taken is in England at the Yorkshire Wildlife … [Read More...]

Quick Comparison of Tiger Subspecies

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Nat Geo hits it hard!

Wonderfully informative piece from Nat Geo. Some of the pictures are difficult to see, but it is the stark reality of what is happening (and has happened) to the tiger population over the past century. We are now down to only 3200 tigers left in the wild. This number is extremely low, but we can do something to help increase this … [Read More...]


International or Global Tiger Day – July 29

http://tigerday.org/ Global Tiger Day is the official launch day for my blog! :) I will be posting a press release as well and appreciate the support so far! Remember, you are welcome to leave comments  or ask questions anytime. Launching the blog on Global Tiger Day was the idea of my friend, Craig Kasnoff. He is a tiger … [Read More...]

The count counting

9…9 Kinds of Tigers…AH! AH! AH!

Today, scientists have classified 9 different subspecies (or kinds, types) of tigers in the world. They are: (don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz at the end. Yet. Just kidding. No annoying quizzes) 1. Balinese 2. Caspian 3. Javan 4. South China 5. Sumatran 6. Malayan 7. Indo-Chinese 8. Bengal 9. Amur (previously … [Read More...]