Get ready to fall in love…THIS IS TAJ!

Taj is a golden colored Bengal tiger. He is captive born and comes from the sunny state of Florida. Taj is the result of a double recessive gene. Basically, he is the equivalent of a natural born red head in human society. (Not the bought and paid for red head like yours truly. Incidentally, I am a natural born blonde! OMG! Yes, it … [Read More...]

Tall grass provides effective camouflage for a tiger

Tigers are lame…said no one EVER!

So you may be asking, “Why is she writing about tigers?”. Glad you asked! The reason I have chosen tigers as my vehicle for conservation is simply that they are *totally and without a doubt…AMAZING!* DID YOU KNOW…? * Tigers can swim! They are very adept swimmers and even hunt in the water. Unlike your typical feline, tigers are … [Read More...]


Science kicks butt over poachers … [Read More...]



When I was only a wee girl of 4 years old, I fell in love, yes LOVE, with a very well built blonde haired man. His name was GUNTHER GEBEL-WILLIAMS. He was a big cat trainer for Ringling Bros & Barnum-Bailey Circus. Remember, I was only 4 years old, so circuses were fine to watch and not as controversial as they are now. BACK … [Read More...]


For the love of TIGERS

Hello World. My name is Robyn Barfoot and I have decided to create this blog to help spread the word about tigers. The intent of my blog is to get people excited about tigers but to also understand that tigers are endangered. Throughout our journey, I will be posting items that I find important, interesting, silly, adorable, moving, … [Read More...]