Listed below are some ideas to enable YOU to take action and help save the tiger. A lot of times, I hear people express their desire to do something to save tigers, but they do not know where to start or what to do. This frustration ultimately paralyzes them and they give up. Never give up! Hopefully, these suggestions will allow you to do the good you wish to do! I will be updating this page as I do more research, but for now, here are a few steps to get you started on being part of saving the tiger!

There are MANY organizations out there dedicated to saving the tiger. Some make sure the money goes where it should, others do not. Do your research and make sure you are aware of where your money is actually going and if it is supporting the RIGHT kind of action. I personally support the following organizations:

2. TALK about tiger! Bringing awareness to those around you about the plight of the tiger is KEY to the educational facet of saving the tiger.

3. VISIT your local zoo. Support the conservation efforts of zoos by visiting them or becoming a member of their organization.

4. CHOOSE FSC-certified or recycled paper products (Forest Stewardship Council) and use only sustainable Palm oil products. Since 1985, Sumatra (where the Sumatran tiger is found) has lost over 40% of its forests for paper and palm oil products. There are apps for smartphones you can download (such as Buycott) that can assist in identifying products which are “tiger friendly”.

5. FASHION - Dress to impress! Here are a few links to companies that provide great products while supporting endangered species:

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