I’m back from playing :)

Sorry for the lack of posts and cricket noises of late. I have been crazy busy getting my zoo and wildlife consulting work organized. My sincere apologies for being quiet for so long…..

But now, I am back!

Let us commence with what is new in the world of wild tigers. ROAR!

I recently came across a few interesting articles regarding tigers and their status in the wild.
The one below is a great account of all tiger subspecies and their populations, but also how important it is for India to protect the Bengal tiger.


Another great piece, although disheartening, comes from the Take Part┬áPost regarding the Malayan tiger subspecies. Unfortunately, their numbers in the wild are much lower than previously thought. You want to know why??? POACHERS! Yes, it is a difficult battle, but as Dr. John Goodrich of Panthera.org states “It’s going to take a lot of work to get a handle on this problem.” You can read the full article here:


Here is another article on the critical state of the Malayan tiger:


And here is a picture of the beautiful Malayan tiger subspecies:


This just in…..

An Amur tiger released into the wild by┬áVladimir Putin has traveled from Russia into China. Putin has asked China to protect the tiger and they have responded by saying they are tracking the tiger and will do what they can to prevent it from being poached. They are also placing cattle in the preserve that the tiger is now occupying, to make sure it has plenty of food resources. I guess it is good to be Putin’s tiger :) I hope this tiger makes it. Living in a country that is wrought with poachers and heavily maintains the belief in Traditional Asian Medicinal practices makes this situation dicey, at best.


Remember to not lose hope. As long as people want tigers to exist in the wild, they will :)

Sleep well, beasties, and until next time…..

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