Tiger Populations on the Rise!

Let’s see those numbers, India!

Courtesy of The Hindu

Last week the new tiger census was released and wow, was it wonderful news! India has reported that it now has a Bengal tiger population of…..wait for it……

2,226 Bengal tigers!!!!  

This is up 30% from the census of 2011, reporting only 1,706 Bengal tigers.

Here is the article that has tiger fans and conservationists smiling:

2014 Tiger Census article

This is indeed excellent news. As a conservationist and tiger fan, it is sometimes difficult to digest the amount of poaching and destruction that our species has caused not only the tiger, but other animals as well. It can be hard to rally and maintain an optimistic view in the face of such disturbing acts but with the 30% increase in the Bengal population, this brings new hope to the complicated existence of the tiger. This shows that if people truly wish for the tiger to not go extinct in the wild, IT WILL NOT. We have the ability to save that which we have so gravely wronged and can not lose sight of that ability. I am feeling empowered by this new census and my wish is that the Indian forest officials, government, villagers and rangers continue to fight the good fight for the tiger. That they and we continue to protect this magnificent species, for we should not see the tigers burning light get extinguished.

Burn bright, sweet tiger, burn bright…Do not give up on us, for we have not given up on you.

Courtesy of WWF

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